Friday, September 02, 2005

100 Things

A lot of people do this, so I'll follow the trend. 100 things about me.

1. I was born July 22, 1971 at approximately 9pm.
2. I have two brothers and a sister.
3. I love soda but I try to limit to two per day.
4. Diet Vanilla Coke, Diet Dr. Pepper and Diet Pepsi are my current favorites.
5. I have a penchant for grape soda.
6. I know all the words to many Barry Manilow songs.
7. I am six years older than my husband.
8. I met him while I was working at the University.
9. He was a student.
10. He is more mature than most men my age.
11. I am less mature than many women my age.
12. I am the youngest child.
13. I wasn’t spoiled, but my parents were more lenient.
14. I still didn’t get to do whatever I wanted.
15. I had 3 surgeries before I was 2 years old.
16. Two surgeries were on each foot and one was on my right hand.
17. I was an infant with casts on both feet and legs.
18. I got lots of attention.
19. Doctors told my parents I might never run and play like other kids.
20. I did.
21. I am terribly self-conscious.
22. My weakness is trying to make things perfect because I know I’m physically not perfect.
23. Yes, I know no one is.
24. I still can’t help myself.
25. My right hand looks sort of like I have advanced arthritis.
26. It doesn’t hurt and it’s functional.
27. I can’t clap my hands together flat.
28. I always wished I could.
29. I played the flute for 12 years.
30. I still know how but I just never take the time.
31. The flute helped exercise my hand.
32. I didn’t want to play it but my mother pushed me to.
33. I’m glad she did.
34. I was a band geek through high school.
35. I loved it.
36. Dan never noticed anything strange about my right hand for the first 3 months we dated.
37. That made me love him more.
38. Many people notice it immediately when we shake hands.
39. I hate shaking hands.
40. I love hugs.
41. When I was young I fell off a chair while reaching for some brownies.
42. I hit the radiatore and cracked my head open.
43. If Liam does that I hope I move as quick as my parents did.
44. Liam fell off my bed once.
45. After he was ok and with his dad, I went into the bathroom and cried.
46. My right foot is a half size bigger than my left.
47. My surgeries on my feet were to straighten them and fix my heels.
48. My left foot is still a bit curved.
49. I can hardly ever wear high heels.
50. I love sneakers.
51. I love clunky shoes.
52. I had Doc Maartens in college that I wore until the soles fell off.
53. I drank a lot my last two years of college.
54. I had fun, but I’m not always proud of how much I drank.
55. Now I enjoy a cocktail or glass of wine.
56. Sometimes I crave a beer.
57. A beer would be nice right now.
58. Before we started trying to conceive, we went to a Genetics Specialist.
59. There wasn’t any syndrome found for my birth defects.
60. There is a 50/50 chance my offspring could inherit them.
61. That information kept me awake nights.
62. We knew modern medicine and my experience with these differences would create a happy life for our child.
63. I cried when I saw Liam’s perfect hands and feet on the ultrasound.
64. I have no tattoos but many scars.
65. I love television.
66. I look forward to my shows.
67. I miss my older brother, Gerry, who lives in Arizona.
68. I wish he was around to hang out with me.
69. I spent a lot of time with him when we were younger.
70. I looked up to him a lot.
71. I am closer to my sister, Beth, now than I was when I was younger.
72. I appreciate her more.
73. I like to shop.
74. I love to buy things for Liam.
75. I wouldn’t mind having two more kids.
76. We will probably only have one more.
77. I chat daily with a group of women I have mostly never met.
78. We have our own private message board.
79. We met on when we were all trying to conceive.
80. I consider them some of my closest friends.
81. We met in October.
82. I was so nervous and excited about it! It was great!
83. I used to travel a lot for work.
84. I liked it for the first year.
85. Then I hated it.
86. I was on an airplane one week after 9/11.
87. I cried through take-off thinking of a family friend who had been on Flight 11.
88. Being home with Liam full time is one of the greatest experiences of my life.
89. I have had many hard days.
90. I feel blessed to have the opportunity to be home.
91. I am surprised I made it a full year breastfeeding Liam.
92. He weaned really easily.
93. I think I was lucky.
94. He weighed 24lbs by the time he was 6mos old.
95. Dan is a great husband
96. I hate picking up after him.
97. He hates that I forget things.
98. We have a lot of fun times together.
99. There are many more ahead.
100. I can’t wait!