Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Hey You! Name that Tune RULES.

No is the coolest and totally rules but these are the RULES for the game. Read the rules or else your mistake may be the subject of much mocking.

1. Be honest and don't Google the lyric line I posted, ok? I mean the prize won't be THAT stellar to warrant cheating. Now I never said team play was illegal. But there is only one prize. And most people are playing on their own... so it does sort of pose an unfair advantage. But I still won't rule it out.
2. First come, first correct answer, points earned! That means only one person gets the points for getting the song/artist right. Whomever guesses the correct answer first!You have til the deadline [declared day of game] ET to take guesses.
3. ONE comment entry per person per game. So no guessing one then coming back and guessing on the rest. One shot to get them right. Otherwise we've got ourselves a free-for-all!
4. You can guess on all or just one or two. You get a point for each one you get right - IF you were the first commenter to get it correct.
5. You have to guess both the Song title AND the Performer. If you guess only one or the other you get no points, even if it's right. AND you give another player a chance to get it right!6. The game is played every Wednesday - the game will be posted by 10AM ET.
7. Lastly, if it looks like someone got them all - guess ANYWAY! It's fun! And you could end up with some points due to a technicality. Sucky to one, joy to another - that's life!

There is ALWAYS a TIME LIMIT. It will be posted with the day's game.


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