Monday, January 30, 2006

Seen Liam Lately?

Liam - almost 17 months. Posted by Picasa

Handsome boy... probably making that wonderful ehhhHHHHHHH! noise he loves. Posted by Picasa

Dan gives this exact same look. Very "How YOU doin'?"Posted by Picasa

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Sunday, January 29, 2006

The Post Where I Take a Tangent to Rant About the Joys of Pug Ownership

Mother of God Liam has a lot of toys.

A lot. Very blessed. It is like a daycare here for a class of one. And frankly, I like him having a lot of toys because technically this is like a daycare and some days... well... we need a lot of diversions.

Problem with a lot of toys - they end up everywhere. He does have a playroom. My house is a colonial. The first floor is basically an open floor plan with the stairs in the center. The two front rooms on either side of the stairs are play areas. One is our family room/living room. The other was most likely a formal dining room or formal living room in another life. We don't roll that way, so it was a computer/anything room and evolved to the baby gear room to playroom as Liam's toys got bigger and bigger and began to suffocate me while I sat helpless eating bon bons.

Liam can roam the first floor, spending most of his time in the playroom, other time in the family room, and then the dining room and kitchen. Oh and let's not forget about the bathroom. Perfect for when you need a little private time. Liam, of course, not me. Mother's get no private time. I am lucky if I go to the bathroom alone more than once or twice a day. Occasionally I find Liam in there sitting under the toilet reading a book (like father, like son) or playing with a toy or banging the toilet seat like a drum. Whatever... it's not like he's playing with knives, right?

All this endless roaming typically happens with one or two toys in hand, which are dropped when something else catches his eye. The dog's water dish. The newspaper. The sippy cup. So at the end of the day the house has been taken by toys.

Oh have I mentioned we want to buy a new house in the spring? Uh yeah. So long story short we live in a house which abuts conservation land. We have no backyard. Well we do - 1.67 acres of wetlands that we can't touch. And we have no frontage and the speed limit on our street is 40mph. Are you smelling what I'm stepping in here? 2 slow thinking pugs + 1 fast moving boy = Nightmare on My Street. Yes, come spring Liam is going to be hellbent on running Forrest Gump style from one end of the town to the other... I would like a yard with a dog run or maybe a fence to contain him.

So we need to de-clutter and tidy and get ready to sell, sell, SELL. Watching too much Sell This House on tv and getting all motivated and crap. So I bought a couple things to contain the boy's crap and also make the playroom less "Pigpen's Playhouse" and more "Pottery Barn Docile Kids." So I bought this and this. LOVE THEM. And I didn't realize til they got here that they are both made by KidKraft so the wood matches exactly. Dan put them together this week and we actually think we will buy one more of each because they really look good and they aren't too complicated for throwing stuff in quickly when we know prospective buyers are coming by. Liam loves his books and I made a little comfy spot in the corner of the playroom with pillows and the bookshelf right next to him and he adores it. I actually would like a spot like that myself. I laid back into the pillows today and Liam thought it was so hilarious he had to jump on top of me and give me lots of kisses while squashing of the last semblance of breasts I was cherishing.

I'll be doing that tomorrow as well.

So the O'Neill house will be in a state of something over the next month... we'd like to get in the market by the end of March. I'm excited to look for a house! Scared shitless to have strangers wander through mine criticizing my crap (c'mon people! you have crap at your house too!). Of course Dan is toying with selling it himself which makes me want to vomit. Especially living with two wiley pugs that need to be contained (they are crate trained, thank God).

People, if you have never actually met a pug you have NO IDEA how psychotically crazy and hyper they can be - they don't get lapdogish til the arthritis sets in. The pug people selling the pugs don't tell you this. Oh sweet puggies - so sweet, they'll sit on your lap! Yeah if you have a piece of meat and a harness around their sausage bodies! Otherwise they are too busy chasing cars going by from INSIDE the house. And having asthma or issues regarding anything touching their butts! Yes! I seriously want to get Daisy on some Pr*zac. Seriously.

So I am doing pretty well with mentally being in gear to de-clutter and throw away! It's quite cleansing actually! So when I'm not doing the decluttering! Or throwing shit away! Or blogging my angst all night long! I'll be curled up in the fetal position in Liam's reading corner turning the pages to find out how BIG Baby Elmo is while Liam laughs maniacally with his knee in my chest.

Friday, January 27, 2006

Do you have a half hour?

These days a poopy diaper change goes something like this.

A green cloud of eu de poo permeates the air and my fine nostril hairs catch fire and fall out.

"Liam, do you need 'change diaper'?" *signed and spoken*

"Nah Nah! Naaaaaah!" as he hastily retreats to the playroom.

Roll up my sleeves and fetch a clean diaper. Put out the pad on the floor, open the wipes.

Liam runs by once.

"Change diaper time!"

Liam runs by twice, "Nah nah nah nah nah nah!" He busies himself in the playroom. Very important work studying the wheels on the bus that do indeed go round and round.

I pick up Liam and the kicking of the legs commences. The whining begins. The writhing peaks.

Put Liam down and put a toy in his hands which he feigns interest in while I take off his pants and unsnap his onesie. Take a deep breathe and open the diaper, briefly regard contents, and use first of 20 wipes to remove poop from his bottom.

He senses he is halfway clean and attempts to flip over. A HA! I don't fall for it and get him squared back down.Wipe poop off the back of my hand and finish cleaning his bottom. Dodge a kick to the chin. Don't dodge the hair pull and kick to the left boob.

Liam seizes my momentary wind loss to roll over and high tail it into the kitchen. Apparently being bare assed means lots of running! Quickly! Tap tap tap through the kitchen. Yelling too! I'm naked the way God meant me to be! I shun your clothe ways! Naked me is the way to BE! The dogs - ALWAYS very interested in poopy diaper changes - follow immediately behind him. Click click, tap tap, click click through the kitchen they all go. Liam goes into the playroom and plays as if the diaper change never happened.

I give him a few minutes before finally dragging him back for the closing ceremonies. Safely covering the unpredictable peepee nozzle and saving my carpets and furniture for few more hours. Pants back on.

"Ah duh? Ah duh??!!" *also signs*

"Yes, Liam! All done!"

20 minutes later.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Rock on friends! You did great! But only a few of you walked away with points. But in recognition of good sportsmanship I'm going to give everyone who tried this first week 3 free points! Then to the victors go the rest of the spoils.

The Answers for This Week:
1. But I won't heed the battle call.... It puts my back up, puts my back up against the wall.
Sunday Bloody Sunday - U2
2. Sweet Loretta Martin thought she was a woman... But she was another man
Get Back - The Beatles
3. Fruit salad, yummy, yummy... Fruit salad, yummy, yummy... Fruit salad, yummy, yummy... Yummy, yummy, yummy, yummy fruit salad
Fruit Salad - The Wiggles
4. Tumbled out of bed and stumbled in the kitchen, Poured my self a cup of ambition, Yawning stretching trying to come to life
9 to 5 - Dolly Parton
5. You can hide `neath your covers... And study your pain... Make crosses from your lovers....Throw roses in the rain..
Thunder Road - Bruce Springsteen

And the results:
Angela - 3 free pts + 3 earned pts = 6pts!
onangelwings - 3 free + 2 earned = 5pts!
Bridget - 3 pts!
Claire - 3pts!
William - 3pts!
Carrie - 3pts!
Kelli - 3pts!
Maria - 3pts!

This was wicked fun you guys! Awesome! Thanks for playing! So next Wednesday I'll have the music posted for Wednesday morning. Same rules. But next week there will be TEN songs. TEN songs = more opportunity for points! And if you are the first one and get all the points you'll sliiiiiiiiide into 1st place! And dont worry if you can't here by Wednesday morning. You never know I might put a song that you know and no one else does.

Ok people! Susie out.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Hey You, Name that Tune!

I've mentioned before my attempts to musically educate my child. So while I have been listening to all sorts of music I've gotten to thinking about all the lyrics to songs that I know. Honestly - it's mind boggling that I know the lyrics to every song on Springsteen's Born in the USA album but I can't name half the Presidents. I'm sure it's the same with most people.

So I thought I'd try a weekly game where I put some lyrics to some songs and you try to guess them. Some will be real easy - others will be harder. Whoever guesses the most right over the course of the next month (We'll go to the end of February for starters) wins a prize. First come, first right gets the points! And here we go! READ THE RULES BEFORE YOU PLAY

Oh by the way - try to be honest and don't Google the lyric line I posted, ok? I mean the prize won't be THAT great to cause cheating.

Like I said above First come, first right gets the points! . That means only one person gets the points for getting the song/artist right. Whomever guesses the correct answer first!
You have til the Thursday night 9pm ET following the initial post to take guesses.
You only get one comment/guess per game. So no guessing one then coming back and guessing on the rest. One shot to get them right.
You can guess on all or one. You get a point for each one you get right - IF you were the first commenter to get it correct.
You have to guess both the song title AND the performer. If you guess only one or the other you get no points, even if it's right. AND you give another player a chance to get it right!

This Weeks' Lyrics:
1. But I won't heed the battle call.... It puts my back up, puts my back up against the wall.

2. Sweet Loretta Martin thought she was a woman... But she was another man

3. Fruit salad, yummy, yummy... Fruit salad, yummy, yummy... Fruit salad, yummy, yummy... Yummy, yummy, yummy, yummy fruit salad

4. Tumbled out of bed and stumbled in the kitchen, Poured my self a cup of ambition, Yawning stretching trying to come to life

5. You can hide `neath your covers... And study your pain... Make crosses from your lovers....Throw roses in the rain..

That's it this week - Good luck! I'll post points on Thursday night.

Hey You! Name that Tune RULES.

No is the coolest and totally rules but these are the RULES for the game. Read the rules or else your mistake may be the subject of much mocking.

1. Be honest and don't Google the lyric line I posted, ok? I mean the prize won't be THAT stellar to warrant cheating. Now I never said team play was illegal. But there is only one prize. And most people are playing on their own... so it does sort of pose an unfair advantage. But I still won't rule it out.
2. First come, first correct answer, points earned! That means only one person gets the points for getting the song/artist right. Whomever guesses the correct answer first!You have til the deadline [declared day of game] ET to take guesses.
3. ONE comment entry per person per game. So no guessing one then coming back and guessing on the rest. One shot to get them right. Otherwise we've got ourselves a free-for-all!
4. You can guess on all or just one or two. You get a point for each one you get right - IF you were the first commenter to get it correct.
5. You have to guess both the Song title AND the Performer. If you guess only one or the other you get no points, even if it's right. AND you give another player a chance to get it right!6. The game is played every Wednesday - the game will be posted by 10AM ET.
7. Lastly, if it looks like someone got them all - guess ANYWAY! It's fun! And you could end up with some points due to a technicality. Sucky to one, joy to another - that's life!

There is ALWAYS a TIME LIMIT. It will be posted with the day's game.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

And Shortly Therafter I Discovered His Temperature Was 101.3

But I don't WANNA!! MAMA! Posted by Picasa

Please, Mama, please? Posted by Picasa

Thank God I can move my arms again.

Note: To bring truth the pictures, he had fallen down a few minutes before I took the picture. He loves being outside and as soon as we went out, he was a happy boy indeed. Posted by Picasa

And what's new with you?

We got a little snow yesterday. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Good News, Lose the Bangs, and How Do You Feel About Infidelity

Well today I got a call with some good news from a dear friend and it has, in fact, renewed me. Sometimes it just takes something like that - to feel really happy for someone else. I'm not going to get into details of the story they shared... and maybe isn't always the story but the fact that sometimes feeling something strongly for someone else can drive you right out of your own bunnyhole, so to speak. Ok the story is pretty damn good too so maybe it is the story but I'll get to that in another post.

It's no secret that I've been feeling a bit of the Blahs. Getting a bit too mired in the day-to-day minutia and feeling tired all the time.

But today I feel good. And like somebody I like pinched me. Actually the feel good started yesterday. I got my haircut. The stylist has finally talked me into growing out my bangs. I knew it was time. Our conversation went something like this.

"Have you thought about growing out your bangs?"

"Yeah I know I should - they are totally not in style. I'm just not good about my hair being in my eyes and face. I'm not sure I'll suvive it. But really, I know they are just not IN now."

"Oh sure they are... lots of people still have bangs."

"Yeah, but there are people who still have mullets and Aquanet hair poufs too."

"That's true."

Losing the bangs in a big deal. I think I've had bangs of some sort since I was in 7th grade. See I have a small forehead and I'm sort of self-conscious about it. But she didn't think it was as FREAKISHLY SMALL as I seem to think it is and told me that the smallness would just help my bangs grow out all the quicker.

So people - join my "Free the bangs" ticket 2006.

I didn't have my usual hair stylist yesterday. She is on her maternity leave. She gave birth shortly after my previous appt so I will only miss one appointment with her, since she is only taking 8 weeks for maternity leave. She works part-time.

Here's the thing. The woman who did my color and cut yesterday, Wendy... she's Original Stylist's cousin - they work at the same salon. I liked Wendy's job BETTER! She was faster - only 1.5hrs... Original Stylist always takes AT LEAST 2 hours - she's a bit slow on the production end of things. And I liked the overall cut and style better! The only thing we did "different" was the style for the bangs.

So what do I do? Do I stay with Original Stylist? I'm not sure what to tell her to do different to make it more like what Wendy did. Or do I go to Wendy again? I already made an appt to go back to Original Stylist in 6 weeks. (Ugh she was booked at 5 weeks - my roots are going to be juuuuuust lovely.) I could probably figure out the days Wendy works and Original Stylist doesn't and maybe say I need to do those days?

Ugh it feels sooooo....illicit. Oh what a tangled web we weave....

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Iceberg, dead ahead!

Is the apocalypse eminent? Did I miss finding the End-of-the-World-as-We-Know-It blog? Because the weather in these here parts (suburban Boston area)... people, it's getting a little WEIRD.

Last week we experienced a faux spring. It was complete with warm temps up to almost 60 degrees, melted ice and snow and lifted spirits. People were smiling and nodding at each other during errands. New Englanders were making EYE CONTACT.

This ended abruptly Sunday when it snowed and temps dipped to 18 degrees. Yes I said eighteen friggin degrees. Brrr. Ice was abundant, people got grumpy, and no one could make eye contact because raising ones face causes eyes to tear then freeze on the eyelashes.

Today it is 60 degrees. And the day is packing more wind than Star Jones. Tree limbs are breaking and falling, ice is melting, and people aren't wearing outerwear. No outerwear makes me SO HAPPY. I actually had to tighten Liam's carseat straps because they are slacked more to accommodate his coat.

I better check and see how many trees have fallen out back. Hopefully there is enough wood to get started on the ark because I'm not sure we want to stay around to see what's coming next.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

After I licked it, I thanked him very much.

It's a well-known fact that my husband is hard to shop for. Dan pretty much has access to any gadget he desires, either for work-related reasons or because he knows someone who can get him a deal. There are only so many sweaters a wife can buy. Or sports memorabilia. Or Love Sacs.

So you can imagine my dismay (ok, and buoyant happiness) when Liam walked into the kitchen holding an early 60GB Valentine's Day gift.

I'm spoiled. By the unspoilable.


And hooray! Unlike my old one it holds pictures and videos and more! more! more! music. Hooray!

Thursday, January 12, 2006

For William's Poop Study

No, William, Liam did not poop at the library. Therefore skewing your research data. I will let you know how it goes next time. Perhaps assign Liam to the control group?

We may try Barnes & Noble in the future, I'll keep you informed!

Surely there is a Nobel Poop Prize out there for you? A Best Daddy Blog Finalist for 2005??

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

And That's How I Got the Footprint on My Chest

So Liam and I are trying to adjust to his new choice of nap schedule. Lately he prefers one. From about 11-1:30pm. But since it's new I haven't been straying from the house before the 11am nap much. When he wakes around 1:30 - it's late lunch time and by the time he's done and cleaned up we are looking at 2pm. So at that point to go anywhere, I need to determine if I want to deal with after-school chaos or evening traffic. Because I've been tired lately, I opted to stay at home the past two days.

Today we NEEDED to get out. So a bit before 3pm we headed out. Where? To the local library.

We arrived, headed in and asked where the children's room was - of course it was downstairs. I recalled that was the location of the children's room at my library growing up. I brought Liam past the computers and the big kid books, back to where the window seats were surrounded by comfy chairs and huge stuffed animals. Then I put him down.

He thought the place was pretty cool. He squeezed a couple of the stuffed animals and fell on top of a big Raggedy Andy doll and gave him kisses. Then he decided...

It was time to run.

I guess he hasn't really been in a big open space since he has gotten as proficient in mobility as he is. And those little legs... they were made for arunnin'. As much as an 16 month old can run I guess. He kept me moving, that is for sure.

So we ran around the bookshelves til we spotted something interesting. A rocking chair needing rocking. A bead game needing playing. A real live parakeet needing talking to. And of course the other children. Who needed to be stared at. Very closely.

Interestingly enough, children who looked at me like I was STRANGER DANGER yet were happy to talk to Liam. Until he grabbed for their crayons. And people, we all know schoolyard ettiquette on crayons. No STEALING!

So I unhanded the bandit and he screamed and everyone stared... kids looking at me like I was kidnapping him. Other mothers smiling encouragingly and relieved it was me and not them.

I brought him back to the picture books and we read one and had a drink and snack and then the legs flailed and he said "dahn" several times. So I did and off he went again. This time directly to the bead maze game. Where we hung out until approached by an older man with a plastic badge that said Library Volunteer. His first comment to Liam, after hello, is "Well this little guy doesn't look like he misses a meal!"

I digress for a moment to ponder than more often than not, older people comment on Liam's size. "Oh he's chubby" "He's eating well!" Or the elderly woman folding fliers at another table who later said "If I had a pin I would pop those cheeks!" Really? HOW ODD. Liam is big for his age I know but pretty proportionate. I think people think he's older and assume he shouldn't have baby fat? Aren't babies SUPPOSED to have round cheeks? Does anyone WANT to see a gaunt baby?

Anyway, while the older man was closing in, my head was ticking the countdown until Liam feaked out. I am not sure how to handle these moments. Is it ok to say "Please don't get too close, he thinks you are scary?" The man reached a hand out to the toy we were playing with and Liam reached zero. Crying. Lunging for my neck. Crawling up my face.

"Did I scare him?"

Hrm... no.. I think he is afraid of tiny Tweety bird over there. "Yeah I think a little."

I know, I know... he was trying to be nice. I think. He kinda looked pissed off at Liam for getting upset and then just stalked off. WHATEVER DUDE! After I finally calmed Liam down, he was watcing for the guy and would point him out whenever we saw him. Yes Liam there is the Stranger. It's ok. We are ok. OHHHH KAAYYYYY. Yes. Us. Really. OK.

We ran some more, Liam kept stopping to stare at some little boys playing a video computer game. (Yeah the signs are a go for future video nerd like Dada). He would get real close almost touching them. I was just afraid he would slap at the keyboard like he does to our laptops and ruin the poor kid's game.

Just trying to keep the local library peace, people.

The Eyes Almost Make You Miss the Red Runny Nose

Blue Eyes and Pink Cheeks Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Set This Load on the Sleep Cycle

Why oh why did I mention sleeping and Liam's good day in the same post?

So he woke this morning crying at 1:30am. Now I haven't blogged much about it, but my sleep has been very poor since the holidays. I am waking every night/morning around 3am and I can't fall back asleep until about 5am. Then Dan's alarm goes off at 6am most days. Then I fall back asleep around 7am and Liam wakes between 7:30-8am. I have no idea why I'm waking. But my brain has a hard time shutting off from an endless spin cycle of "Things to Do" and "Dumb Things to Fret About" in the wee early hours of the morning.

So last night I medicated with 2 sleep pills (just over the counter stuff from T*lenol - nothing hardcore), and was into the Land of Nod shortly thereafter.

Until 1:30am. When the crying began. Now I have typical dealt with these rare, RARE awakenings from Liam. They have happened when Dan was away. Or they have happened only a couple hours after his bedtime. So for some reason or another I have taken the lead.

Last night Dan popped out of bed and went to see to Liam. This went on for a few moments before I realized lights were on so I sprang from bed to find Dan reading Liam a book. I totally understand that Dan was feeling all those feelings I had experienced the first couple of times this happened on my watch. He must be sick! He must be sccared! He must be something! But he isn't really. We always check for fever, sickness, dirty diaper. He may have had a bad dream or whatnot but once he realized he could have company, he keeps crying whenever you put him down.

So I turned out the light and put Liam back into his crib with his binky with much MUCH protesting. But shortly after we left he quieted. He was awake til about 3am. Crying a bit here and there but mostly just trying to get back to sleep. I think Dan fell off around 2:30.

I had to get up at 3am and walk around. My restless legs were acting up and I needed to move. I eventually conked out on the couch downstairs around 3:30-4am. I woke up at 6:45am and went back to bed. Liam woke at 8am.

He seems fine - but I am EXHAUSTED, of course. He is watching The Wiggles now and bouncing up and down.

I cancelled out of playgroup because I knew Liam wouldn't last until noon without a nap. OR is it me who won't last?

Monday, January 09, 2006

Closer to Fine

And this too shall pass... thank God.

We have entered a new week and Liam seems to be on the mend. He was the most wonderful boy ever today. Yeah like EVER.

So we happily played and shouted and made googley-eyes at each other all day long. We are again... in love.

So in honor of this... I am going to bed early! Because tomorrow is another day.

Under the weather??

Liam's laughter is the best medicine. Turn up the sound and drink up!

Friday, January 06, 2006

Someone send me a copy of the new Playbook!!!

Ohh happy day to come to the end of the week coming off holidays. Was this the longest week like EVER or is it just me? I know I know, it's just me or the wine talking. No. Seriously. It's just the wine talking.

After having two people to constantly entertain him for over a week, Liam was stuck with just Mama again and the first couple of days were not all that pretty. He is manufacturing snot like a kid making Kathy Lee Gifford clothes in a sweatshop. He does make the sweetest little nose bubbles. Ugh... excuse me.. I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.

We had some struggles this week. The first day was over the dog food. He wanted it. Bad. While the dogs were eating. It's soft and hard food mixed. A bit yucky. He was not to be deterred. I felt my blood pressure rising. A bit of yelling. A bit of crying. From both of us.

The next day we bickered about lunch. He was tired and hungry after playgroup. I chopped up his favorites and put him in his chair. Unacceptable, Mama. None of this food is right. NONE OF IT. BLUEBERRIES ONLY, YOU MORON! If I see something OTHER than a blueberry on this tray... YOU ARE SO FIRED! I got fired. Then he took a nap.

By the following day we were ok until I wouldn't let him have my cellphone. ALSO UNACCEPTABLE. You will pay dearly for this infraction, Mama!

Friday my friend Jeff came over and by having someone OTHER THAN MAMA around he was pleased. Until dinner when I guess I was sitting too close. I WON'T eat while you are watching me! AND I will push everything out of my tray. Don't tell me what to EAT! Is THAT a cupcake over there? Why don't I HAVE A CUPCAKE!!!!!!

So tomorrow is Saturday. Saturday means Dan is home. Hope he plays by the new rules.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006


We are starting the new year down a couple notches. Liam coughed off and on through out the night and I am still going by "Thumb Nub." It is getting better and probably because I'm babying it like it's a severed limb.

Dan went back to work today after many days at home. So the house feels a bit empty. Liam only stayed awake for two hours before asking for a nap. So either he is bored to exhaustion or it's the bug he's got.

I'm pondering my new year resolutions. One of which is be more appreciative and show gratitude for my life and the world around me. Dan tells me this sounds a bit like a canned response. But it's sincere. The voice in my head tends to be a cynical one. A critical one. And I'd like it to tone down a bit.

I'd also like to take a camera class this year. I have a gorgeous wonderful Nikon D-70 which I love love love. I would like to know more about how it works and take my photos up to the next level.

And I would like to have more time with my husband. Dan works very hard and that is one of the reasons I am able to stay home with Liam. But he works late. And he is on call. Every day. He has this Blackberry that I would like to drop in the toilet. But it affords us our current lifestyle. So I have to accept it. But I would like to have a date night every once in a while. We never have dates. Like ever. So I also need to find a trusted babysitter close to where we live that can come for a couple hours here or there. So there's another resolution.

So I'm not going to make myself some false promises about losing weight and exercising cause honestly Liam has me going from a brisk walk to a light jog these days. I anticipate by spring we will be in a full run. And once the Christmas candy and chocolates and whatnot are gone, I won't buy more and if it's not in the house, I'll be fine. Gnawwing on my arm, but fine.

So until then... know I'll be appreciating you, eating chocolate, while taking candid snapshots of my husband alone. Wait a sec.... that sounds a little....

Monday, January 02, 2006

Happy Observed New Year!!

So we here wish you there a very happy and healthy new year. The past two days were mostly spent eating and chasing a half nekkid child. Sometimes all nekkid. He is VERY into nekkid. He has figured out how to not just pull his socks off - but peel them off the same way I do. He is pulling at the pants so I figure those are next.

So because I am still figuring out my resolutions and year-end thoughts and such. So I thought I'd offer some photos of how we spent our New Year's.

Liam met our dinner before our dinner met it's fate. Note Lily hiding under the high chair.

He wasn't even remotely afraid. Unlike when I was younger and I ran screaming from the kitchen "BIG BUGGIE! BIG BUGGIE!!"

I almost dropped the camera at this point because he picked the friggin thing up by it's claw and the lobster was waving it's little pincers at him like, "Come CLOSER little boy." So Dada picked it up. Liam wanted his little friend back. Reaching for it as if it were a little puppy. I believe that the look on Lily's face would be something like "Are you shitting me with this thing?"

Liam had meatballs. We had lobster. Happy New Year!

There was a last bath of 2005.

And there was a great chase before pjs and bed. Happy New Year, Liam!!

On New Years' Day, Grampy came to our house with a hat. Sometimes Liam liked it, sometimes he didn't.

Who can turn the world on with his smile? Who can take a nothing day, and suddenly make it all seem worthwhile? Well it's you boy, and you should know it. With each glance and every little movement you show it...

Sunday, January 01, 2006

I'll Be Wounded For Christmas

What is it about the holidays that warrants bloodshed?

Sure new toys beget new injuries... we all know what happened to Ralphie when he got his coveted Official Red Ryder Carbine-Action Two-Hundred-Shot Range Model Air Rifle (Deck the halls with boughs of horry, ra ra ra ra ra, ra ra ra ra).

But maybe it isn't the specific toy that brings the pain - maybe it's the season? And I'm not just talking injuries either. I'm also thinking of my friend Jody who emailed me on Friday with this comment about her trip with her husband and 17 month old to see family for Hanukkah, "Let me just say these two words: stomach flu. Add that to travel and let your mind go."

And it isn't discriminating - these things happen to everyone.

We escaped Christmas with nary a scratch. However, 3 days later Dan was testing out his new mandolin slicer. *cue dark foreboding music*

You see, the O'Neills... we like us some kitchen gadgets. And Santa was very good to us this year. Gadgets a plenty. Shiney and new!

So back to Dan testing out the mandolin slicer. And. Not. Using. The. Safety. Device.

So yeah, the mandolin slices amazingly well. Just check out the lucky-to-just-be-a-skin-abrasion on his middle finger. He'd be happy to show it to you. Especially if you cut him off on Route 128.

That same evening I was hastily trying to open the Aquadoodle box for Liam. We decided to let him do some "drawing". What could be better for a toddler with limited hand control than a pen that is filled with water and makes marks ONLY on this plastic mat. How did Ron Popeil miss THIS one?

So back to me opening the Aquadoodle box hastily and feeling the cardboard box slice directly into the skin of my left index finger. I KNOW! Disgusting! I said to Dan, "Do they give stitches for paper lacerations?" He directed me to the sink and assured me that they did not.

Now normally an injury to one hand would just make one lean more heavily on the other. But as I explained in THIS lengthy post - my right hand is limited in many ways so losing even a bit of function of my left hand is a BIG PAIN in the ass. But I'm lucky to have what I have to suck it up sister and move on. Besides I was completely Type A about keeping it clean and putting on Ne*sporin and bandaids so it healed pretty quick.

This brings us to today. We had my father-in-law over to watch the game with Dan and we were making many scrumptious snacks. I was throwing together a salad and needed to dice some tomatoes. We got nice new Henkels knives for Christmas!

*cue dark foreboding music*

Yeah so I turn to look at the shrimp in the grill pan and slice a chunk out of my left thumb. YES my LEFT thumb. It hurts like a mother and I can tell it keeps opening and bleeding. I KNOW! Gross! Anyone who has injured a thumb knows it's a BIG PAIN in the ASS. So I'm being a big wimp about it and whining a lot. I know you can't tell that here...

Plus, as a bonus, Liam woke up with a runny nose. And if there is anything he likes less than a diaper change - which is worse by day as he now runs when he sees a diaper or I say the word "change" - it's getting his nose wiped.

Wiped with a tissue covering a thumb with a big old band aid on it.