Tuesday, January 03, 2006


We are starting the new year down a couple notches. Liam coughed off and on through out the night and I am still going by "Thumb Nub." It is getting better and probably because I'm babying it like it's a severed limb.

Dan went back to work today after many days at home. So the house feels a bit empty. Liam only stayed awake for two hours before asking for a nap. So either he is bored to exhaustion or it's the bug he's got.

I'm pondering my new year resolutions. One of which is be more appreciative and show gratitude for my life and the world around me. Dan tells me this sounds a bit like a canned response. But it's sincere. The voice in my head tends to be a cynical one. A critical one. And I'd like it to tone down a bit.

I'd also like to take a camera class this year. I have a gorgeous wonderful Nikon D-70 which I love love love. I would like to know more about how it works and take my photos up to the next level.

And I would like to have more time with my husband. Dan works very hard and that is one of the reasons I am able to stay home with Liam. But he works late. And he is on call. Every day. He has this Blackberry that I would like to drop in the toilet. But it affords us our current lifestyle. So I have to accept it. But I would like to have a date night every once in a while. We never have dates. Like ever. So I also need to find a trusted babysitter close to where we live that can come for a couple hours here or there. So there's another resolution.

So I'm not going to make myself some false promises about losing weight and exercising cause honestly Liam has me going from a brisk walk to a light jog these days. I anticipate by spring we will be in a full run. And once the Christmas candy and chocolates and whatnot are gone, I won't buy more and if it's not in the house, I'll be fine. Gnawwing on my arm, but fine.

So until then... know I'll be appreciating you, eating chocolate, while taking candid snapshots of my husband alone. Wait a sec.... that sounds a little....


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