Thursday, December 29, 2005

Life humbling moment #1,324,436: Cleaning poop* out of the bath tub

*Not mine. Not mine. Not mine.

My good friend Jeff got Liam some gifts for Christmas. Among them is a Fisher Price Little People Floaty Boat with a Captain and a lobster and a fish ("dishie!") that squirts water. Liam had it in the tub for the first time tonight and would probably still be in there had we not pulled his kicking pruney legs out.

As Dan picked him up, he said, "Uh oh - somebody pooped."

"You pooped?"

"No! Somebody else!"

"The Captain pooped? Fisher Price is AMAZING."

Much sighing and motioning for a wipe, because, of course, the poop defies water and what didn't stay stuck to the bottom of the tub, was stuck to the bottom of the boy.

"Ok Liam let's go get jammies on so Mama can clean up the poop."

"Mama's cleaning the poop?"


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