Thursday, December 22, 2005

The Quarterly Report: 15 months for Liam

So here we are... nestling in to the next quarter of Liam's life and I haven't even done the good mum deed of documenting any of his milestones and achievements for the past quarter. The quarter in which Liam has exploded as a little person.

He was out of the gates at his one year birthday in September by upping his communication attempts. I had been signing to Liam for about 6-7 months when he finally started signing back. First with "more." Then "milk." Then "eat," "drink," and "hat." Now he also signs "sleep" when he is tired, and "more sleep" when he wants another nap. He signs "apple" and "all done." He knows to run away when I sign for a diaper "change" but attempts the sign himself. Yes, thank you we will accept the Book Award now, in advance. He blew my doors off tonight when I realized he had signed for "help." He will try to learn any sign, it's just a matter of making it practical for him. He knows the sign for "snow" - but it's easier for him to understand when it is actually snowing.

Liam's verbals are improving. He can chant "Mama" or "Mummy" minutely and cheerfully shrieks "Dada! Dada! Dada!" when he hears Daddy opening the door when he's home from work. He was saying "Dah-DEE" for a while but has gone back to "Dada." He says "Day-ZEE" (Daisy) And what sounds like "Gih-gee" for Lily. He used to say "Duggie" (doggie) a lot but doesn't as much anymore. He has been able to say Nana, Papa and tries to say Nonni. Grampy is a hard one. Working on it! Liam yells for "geeez" (cheese), "ah-bees" (apples) and "guh-gahs" (cookies/crackers) from his high chair. He says "ah dah" (all done) and "dahn" (down) to get out of his high chair. He likes "bee-uhs" bears - and perfect Bostonian pronunciation of such) and "puh-peee" (puppy). He points to his rocking chair and says "rah, rah, rah" (rock). Both his binky and blanket go by "bobby," cause that's how we roll in the O'Neill house. We read a "buh" (book) before bed and say "nigh nigh" (night-night) light. He waves "buh-buh" (bye-bye) and is starting to do it sooner than 5 minutes after someone leaves.

The feet were finally made for walking in late October as you can see here. He hasn't stopped for much since. Things at his eye level are SO MUCH more interesting as is carrying something while walking. He falls less and less and can get quite a bit of speed up when he is motivated, by say... and open door to the great outdoors.

One of my favorite developments has been Liam's increasing ability to play and to show affection. When I provide him with a snack he finds particularly tasty, he will first stand before the snack, waving his arms up and down and smiling. After having a bit, he will come to me and pat me and lay his head against me. Can you EVEN STAND IT?! We ask for kisses and get them.

We get hugs. He likes to hug his pugs... but only one of them will sit for it - of course - Lily.

He has just started trying to play with the dogs. When they tussle playfully, he makes noise and throws himself at them. Daisy runs away, but Lily will start with the licking. As he tucks his head under him, she sneaks under and licks his nose, cheeks and ears. He laughs and waves his arms at her. And...Ultimately he OPENS HIS MOUTH and lets her have at it. YES, I INTERVENE. It's gross! But he doesn't mind - I wonder if he is try to lick her back. Brrrghlsh. Gross.

Liam bounces his bum up and down to dance when he hears music - it's a riot because it's how his dad dances. He can throw the ball as well as a great many of his toys. We are working on that.

Liam likes to put stuff into containers. He likes to carry bags around - any kinds. But especially my small black Coach bag. He gets fascinated with things and must carry them with him, sometimes all day. A pocket pack of Kleenex. His sock. His shoe. His pants. My deodorant. a water bottle. Diapers. He LOVES to carry around an unused clean diaper. He knows where they are in the diaper bag or caddy and when I take one away, he gets another one.

Liam likes to shake bells and rattles if they make a big noise. He likes to hit the table with his palm and to clap his hands. He can do the Itsy Bitsy Spider song. People! He was a BLOB a year ago today. Now he does Itsy Bitsy Spider. Is he not amazing? He is starting to experiment with his shape sorters and nesting toys. I'll see him, at the end of breakfast, put his sippy into his dry cereal bowl.

Major stranger anxiety going on over here. Mostly with men. It seems to be the trend with his friends also so we will just go with it and hope for the best for the holidays.

Funny bunny. You are the best kid EVER. You are turning into a REAL BOY by the day. People are starting to notice. And you are doing boyish things.

When I ask you to point to your cousin, Andy, in a picture, you do. Your Uncle Ryan? Yes that's him. And in this book - that's a circle. That's a square. That's my nose and here is my belly button. My sock goes on my foot and this here is my leg. Can I help you get that shirt on me, Mama? See me stick my arm through by myself? I like to have you put one mitten on me and I will walk around with it for a while. Ok, how does this shoe tying work? Can I help?

Two words - SLOW DOWN!

Oh buddy it's great to have a little person in the house with me, but do you have to be so UP IN MY GRILL? I mean yes I have to go to the bathroom, but do we have to all of us -you, me, Daisy and Lily have to be in there together? And that pushing thing you do to me when I'm cutting your food. NOT my favorite. I know you're hungry - it's coming. What's that? Oh - my lunch looks good too. Great. I didn't want to eat anyway.

My favorite thing now that you is to show me the love. You hold me back when I carry you. When you get a little nervous, you grip onto my arm. When you want some affection you put yourself in my lap. You lay back and your soft hair hits my cheek and feels better than any cashmere sweater. When you lean forward with your lips slightly sticking out for a kiss - I want to grab you and put you in my pocket forever!

So as we toddled down the hall today to Gymboree class, with you holding on to my hand, all I thought of was how much more fun is to come!

Love, Mama


  • At 9:39 AM, December 23, 2005, Blogger Jenni said…

    *sniff sniff*

    Very, very sweet Susie. He has exploded w/ learning!

    cute pictures as well....I could just gobble him up!!


  • At 2:33 PM, December 24, 2005, Blogger Jewl said…

    It is amazing isn't it watching them grow... Em started to understand puzzels the other day and I was in awe watching her think them through...

    Happy Holidays chicky!!!


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