Tuesday, December 06, 2005


Or should it be "Run away! Run away! Fast as you can!"

That's right people I'm working outside the home while in my home. Seemed like a good idea at the time. Ok even then it didn't but please people, let me get on with it.** As I sit here surrounded with technical documentation, release notes and confidentiality agreements, I ask myself one question...

What the hell was I thinking?

Because this shit... it's not doing it for me.

Ah the things we will prostitute ourselves for to get a little money. Hopefully I won't go all George Bailey by Christmas. Or is it Heidi Fleiss?

So while I sit here without a caffe mocha (or as they say at Starbucks - a mocha, no whip), I am up WAY past my bedtime. Listening to Liam talk on his monitor. The poor kid has been awake for about a half hour and God bless him he hasn't done much more than moan and make little noises. I can tell he's awake and having a hard time getting himself back down. Not sure why it's tonight that he is awake. Maybe he senses my frustration with my work or perhaps he can hear me loudly exclaiming, "What client wanted THAT enhancement?" and "This product has gone to shit [since I left]."

Since I started my paragraph above he has quieted a bit more.*** I can picture him doing as he often does to comfort himself to sleep. It involves laying on his belly, tucking his knees underneath him, head down against the mattress, and gently rocking while doing soft "uhhh" noises. Oddly, after creating 3 pages of content, I feel like doing the same thing. But I might be muttering something more along the lines of "Dear God WHY?"

*Starting today, right now, my blog titles will be clues as to what TOTALLY WICKED AWESOME place/thing I'm going to Saturday night. Those of you that know me and already know what it is I'm so excited about are not allowed to guess. However you can still! please! comment as it feeds my ego which is so very fragile like glass.

**Look forward to more mindless posts from me as I seek to procrastinate this project even further! Joy!

***Hm not so asleep again. Pray for us all.


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