Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Why Do the Loudest Trucks Pass the House at Naptime?

After 18 months of motherhood... I have a couple questions. So off the top of my head...

Why is it the hard star-shaped block must be underneath the soft instep of my bare foot as I walk across the kitchen? During playgroup? And while I want to scream "Fuuuuhhhhhhhk! Oh my Goddddddd" I must quietly whimper "ah ah ah..." while two little parakeets chirp "ah ah ah" over and over again behind me.
Why is it right after I change his diaper, he poops?
Why do I forget my cell phone yet remember to bring the Elmo-phone?
When does "me time" not mean the opportunity to do laundry, dishes, make dinner, pick up toys?
Why does my "free time" from 8pm-10pm go so fast?
Why does Liam get his hand stuck inside a shape sorter and when I finally get it out he puts it right back in?
Is there an end to the amount of snot and drool he can manufacture?
What's with those 2 chin hairs...uh mine, not his.?
Why can I now smell poop 3 rooms away?
Why does Dan pass gas right before I enter a room?
Are the last two related questions connected somehow?


  • At 2:34 PM, March 09, 2006, Anonymous Sit10 said…

    You sneaked in "why does Dan.." That has nothing to do with motherhood. He can blame it on the boy. That has to do with FATHERhood.


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