Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The post where two girls holler at me for linking the picture at the end

So I had my photography classes this weekend and they were - in a word - GREAT. Totally amazing and totally inspiring. Seeing the images captured by these professionals..and the incredible presentation...set my mind afire.

I want to dig in but alas two days out of the house have set me back in household management tasks. So while I pine to use my camera and flit around the house and great outdoors...it'll have to wait.

I do know the new speedflash I got as a surprise from Dan - isn't he GREAT?? - totally changes the pictures. And a lot of the changes I've made in my photography...simply changing those previously misunderstood areas like white balance, aperture and shutter speed - make changes that improve the pictures in ways you don't even know they can be improved until you see them. Blows my mind.

So I'm currently researching camera back packs for my DC weekend in a couple of weeks. I'm looking forward to getting jiggy with the D70 on the trip. Expect lots of pictures like this...but better lit! And sharper! But hopefully without the wine stain on my jeans.


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