Monday, September 05, 2005

If you can help

Many of us are preoccupied these days thinking of the Gulf Coast. I know I feel heartbroken and angry and helpless. I keep thinking of pictures on the news of babies and the elderly and families split up. I feel disgusted by all that I have one minute and so grateful for it all at the same time.

I'm going to post links this week on different ways that we can help. Maybe you are going to Wal-Mart and can pick up a can of formula. Or a pack of diapers. Or some men's socks or women's underwear. Or write a check. Or help your church pack a truck. Anything.

If anything, the blogworld has taught me that the world is much smaller than we think. We are all separated by six degrees. In my nightly blog-stroll, I've been coming upon requests for items, particularly for smaller shelters - or make-shift shelter, who aren't at the top of the Red Cross' list.

The following request I found here, A Clearinghouse for Toys and Supplies for Families Hit Hardest by Katrina :

"Cheryl Stewart sent us a letter from a shelter in Lousiana, which tells of their specific needs and gives an address:

We have thousands of evacuees here ... families in our schools, churches, store parking lots, some just laying in yards. They have no place to go. Entire families with small children and nothing but the clothes on their backs. We're taking them into our homes and anywhere we can think to house them. The Red Cross will be slow getting here as they are tied up in Baton Rouge & New Orleans areas. In the meanwhile, our community is trying to take care of these people and we're
overwhelmed as there are so many!

The Relief Coordinator for our parish and has given me a list of items we desperately need. We are not asking for money ... only items needed for these people. If you can help with whatever you can send we would be most grateful! Myron & I will make sure they are distributed where needed. We have a lot of donations of soap, toothbrushes, etc so we're ok on those for now.

The following are items we have none or very little of and need desperately:
*Baby Items: baby wipes / disposable diapers/ formula / baby bottles / baby shampoo / baby blankets >anything for babies
*Purell or some type hand sanitizer
*Pillows / blankets
*little T-shirts ( babies to childrens sizes)
*Over the counter pain relievers (tylenol, motrin, tums, alka seltzer, pepto bismol, band-aids, etc)
* color books / colors / board games / books (for kids in shelters)

You can send to:

Marksville City Hall
Attn: Myron Gagnard /Hurricane Relief Coordinator
427 N. Main Street
Marksville, La. 71351
Phone # to the mayor's office for verification: 318-253-9500"


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