Thursday, November 10, 2005

Word play

Liam has a couple of words now and uses them repeatedly. He will identify all sorts of things by these words since he hasn't acquired the ability to say many words yet. When he speaks, he places emphasis on the second syllable of the word.

His words are:
"mama" (so it becomes "mah MAH")
"dada" (dah DAH)
"baby" (bay BEE)
"doggies" (dug EEZ)
"Daisy" (day ZEE; for one of our pugs, though he calls both pugs "Daisy" or "doggies")
"nana" (nah nah; I'd like to say this is him saying Nana or Nonni for his grandmothers, but it is his effort to say "banana.")

This week he has been enjoying eating some cut up apple as a snack or part of his lunch or dinner. When he wants more - he signs "more" then says, "Baby" and points to the counter where the remainder of the apple sits.

I say, "Apple."

He starts giggling and says "baby" more emphatically.

I say "apple" and show him the sign for apple (closed fist against cheek).

He grins a big toothy grin and cackles.

I bring more apple and deposit on his tray. I say, "apple" again and show him the sign for "apple."

To which he responds, "nana" and puts his fist against his cheek with his pinky poking into his eye.

Insane laughing with head thrown back ensues followed by the stuffing of 10 small pieces of diced apple into his mouth at once.

He's toying with me. Not the first... or last time, I fear.


  • At 8:52 PM, November 11, 2005, Blogger Susan said…

    YOU HAVE PUGS? I love pugs. I totally want a pug. Seriously.

    And that kid? So very cute. The cuteness is killing me.


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