Sunday, March 13, 2005

Many blessings

Today was Liam's baptism day. He was such a good boy - occasionally babbling in his outside voice, mostly chewing ferociously on his toys, and sometimes sucking on his paci.

I believe in God and in many of the teachings of the Catholic Church. However, there are a great many things I do not agree with the Pope on. The Catholic Church is one of the oldest "Old Boys Network" in existance and their definition of "family" is not mine. Their view on homosexuality is sad and demoralizing.

However, as part of raising my child, I want to expose him to different cultures and belief systems. The only one I'm familiar with currently is the Roman Catholic Church. So I figure we will start there and then make a journey of faith together - perhaps ending at different destinations... perhaps together.

Today after the Deacon baptised each of the 4 babies, he took each one with their parents one family at a time to the alter. There he laid Liam on the alter (this mildly freaked me out at first but turned out perfectly lovely). He had Dan and I each lay one hand, one on top of the other on Liam. Then the Deacon held both of Liam's hands and spoke a blessing for his life. While he did that he sort of spoke it in a sing-songy way while bringing Liam's hands together - sort of like Patty-Cake. Doing this brought Liam into his baptism. He was able to participate and take notice of something special happening.

The blessing ends with something along the lines of "...may God be in your mind, your eyes, your ears and your lips..." And the blessing as a whole brought tears down my face...which of course I quickly wiped away. All of the blessings the Deacon gave to Liam for a lifetime of love and happiness are the same blessings I wish for him. And having him Christened today reminded me of the blessing Liam is to my life. I was overwhelmed with love for him in that moment which brought the tears down like rain.

It was as if God was reminded me. Sometimes I need reminding. After running around the past few days - in the SNOWSTORM - to get ready for the party at the house. I had been feeling tired, stressed, and short-tempered. But beyond all of that I have this wonderful healthy loving child - one that, some days long ago, I questioned if I would ever have.

So on this day I give thanks for the many blessings I have in my life. But mostly today I give thanks for Liam. I love you, peaches.


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