Friday, April 29, 2005

Surprise, surprise BBC boards are down again!

Girls feel free to chat through this post's comments if you are so inclined! I miss you!


  • At 9:53 AM, April 29, 2005, Anonymous kate said…

    Suz - beyond annoying....

    How's Liam? Great morning pipc btw!

  • At 9:56 AM, April 29, 2005, Blogger Susie said…

    He's ok! I love those shark pjs in that pic. Old Navy. Liam woke around 2:30am and we checked hima nd he was fine- he then cried for about 5 mins? So weird.

    How was the rest of your day yest?

  • At 9:58 AM, April 29, 2005, Anonymous kate said…

    day was nice - although he napped so long! but something about being home with him - even though he was asleep made me feel good, ya know?

    What are your weekend plans?

    We are off to my parents - Claire's b-day party (#2)on Sun. Normally I would be worried about his sleeping - but he is getting up anyway... so who cares....

  • At 10:02 AM, April 29, 2005, Anonymous Kelli said…

    BBC is so frustrating!!
    They need some new web people who know what they're doing!

    Weekend plans: Tonight some friends are picking up dinner and coming over...they called us Tuesday night and said, "We miss you. We're coming over Friday." At least they understand it's easier for us to be at our house.

    Tomorrow is a crawfish boil with some other friends, and Sunday is cleaning.

  • At 10:03 AM, April 29, 2005, Blogger Susie said…

    I think we are going to try to do a date in the afternoon - lunch and a movie. We want to see Fever Pitch. Wow Claire is 2? We need some updated pics of her - will you be getting those pics from Amy this weekend?

    How's your friend Aimee feeling?

    Oh boy I hear him waking from his nap. Just an hour nap this AM. i might have to go.

  • At 10:04 AM, April 29, 2005, Blogger Susie said…

    Kelli - What does crawfish taste like? I have friends like that too - who understand it's easier to stay in. Wonderful! Yo get adult interaction and STILL can maintain the routine for the babe.

    Wondering if I get Liam or let him fuss a bit and hope he naps longer.

  • At 10:25 AM, April 29, 2005, Anonymous Kelli said…

    I HATE crawfish, Suz. It absolutely grosses me out. I don't really know how to describe the taste...and it's not even that that I don't's the actualy breaking off the legs (while all KINDS of stuff comes out) and doing all that work for a tiny piece of meat. Ick.
    I just like the drinking and being outside part of it. ;)


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