Thursday, September 08, 2005

12 Months for Liam

Soooo we are a little late with the monthly newsletter. You got the birth story AND baby-cake pictures - what more do you want from me?

This month once again brings about many changes for this boy of ours. Firstly, that. He's a boy. A real live boy, Pinocchio. I see it in the shape of his face and the dexterity in his hands. In the mischief in his eyes and the depth of his yell. In the way he is interested the way things work.

Liam has made great strides with his motor and communication skills. He is easily pulling himself up and down, crawling, sitting back on his knees, and cruising along furniture. Most recently he has added stair climbing to his repertoire. His song and dance numbers are tops but he still appears to miscalculate his dismounts.

He likes to troll the kitchen looking for dog toys and cabinets that aren't child-proofed yet. I often look like I am playing a freestanding Twister game with a knee against that cabinet, an elbow against that drawer, my pinky waving him away from the stove. Actually the stove has a childproof latch and the knobs have been removed because DAMN, HE IS TALL. The cabinets with chemicals are child-proofed so don't send me hate mail. But do we really want him gnawing on all the Kudos? I think not.

Liam makes lots of noises. Some afternoons we sit in the living room and I swear I am at the pier surrounded by seagulls squawking. He is starting to mimic more as well. I yelp, he yelps back. When we read Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You? Liam can hoooooot like an owl. He actually will hoot the rest of the book. That's fine, Mr. Brown doesn't mind, even though Mr. Brown is more of a moo'er. Liam likes to pant like a doggie. He also makes this "rowr rowr rowr" sound that sort of gives off an exorcist vibe.

One of his new tricks is moving his finger up and down his lips "BLLBLLBLLBLLBLLBLLBLL." People... this "BLBLBLing" - it's BEYOND CUTE.

Liam has started experimenting with signs. He can sign "more" but still likes to yell instead. He can also sign "milk" but usually only signs it first thing in the morning. More recently (as in TODAY) he has started pointing. Pointing to his juice, pointing to the food on my plate, pointing to the balloon. He says "duh" or "gog" for the doggies.

He remembers things. In the morning I say, "Where are the doggies?" And he crawls over to their crate and Lily licks his fingers. When we say, "Upstairs?" He crawls over to the bottom and waits for us to open the gate. He knows "open" and "close." He knows "no." He will "come here." And will hold out "doggies' toy" for them.

He is starting to remember people. Especially his grandparents, aunt and uncle, and some cousins. He loves his doggies but was a little afraid of my parents Gentle Giant black lab last time he saw her. The time BEFORE that he nuzzled with her. He tries to give his dogs "lovins" but they usually run away. He also tries to pat them in that I'M GOING TO PAT THE SHIT OUTTA YOU way that baby's have.

He gives Mumma and Dada kisses and lovins which mostly involves ducking his head down and plowing his forehead into us. Liam gives us smiles freely, though he's not as generous with strangers. Sometimes he watches as they desperately try to make him laugh and then looks away disinterestedly. Or CURLS his lip at the FIRST then looks away. It's fun trying to rebuild a stranger's ego when my kid disses them.

Today Liam has his one year doctor appointment with a new doctor. We are looking to see how he has grown!

Liam, This year has passed so fast my head is still spinning that we just had your first birthday party. First birthday, kid! And you are blowing my mind this week with your signs and pointing to things. When you point to it, I call out it's name and I see you process it. Sometimes you point again and I say it again. Other times you squeeze your hand at it so I know you want it.

You say MumMum all the time. Even when you are busy doing something and just want to say anything... I still love it.

You haven't really wanted to wean from breastfeeding but you are getting used to the idea. I'm glad. My boobs will never be the same, but I am happy I did it for you. You made it easy and for that I THANK YOU.

I can hear you upstairs, ready to get up for the day, playing with your blanky and giving that whiney sort of voice that says, "Where are you? I'm ready for my day..." I'm ready too, baby. Because this next year holds many exciting things for us. And we get to do them together.

Happy birthday, Peaches. I love you. I'm glad you arrived a week early. That is one more week we get to spend together.


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