Saturday, June 18, 2005

I Am From

There is a poem meme working its way through bloggerville. So thought I'd give it a try. It works somwhat like Mad libs. You can find the formula here.


I am from a house on a hill, from Chef Boyardee and salami sandwiches and mocha cakes.

I am from the most well-loved home on the road, white with blue shutters and two driveways. From a black dog in the yard, fresh cut grass, and a bag of charcoal on the porch.

I am from the Morning Glories and tomato plants, and joyful flowers rising in the sunshine. And from the sound of lawnmowing, dogs barking, kids yelling, big wheels skidding and birds chanting.

I am from Sunday dinners and football and self-depreciating humor and laughter, from Nana and Jay and Bupa and Bo Diddley and "5 fat guys sitting around a table."

I am from pride and integrity.

From "living up to your potential" and "don't make me come in there" and "you aren't 'other kids.'"

I am from Irish Catholic guilt. From letting someone down being worse than punishment. From fearing an after-dinner "discussion."

I'm from Woburn and Lowell and Ireland, Thanksgiving turkey and shepard's pie and whatever Dad baked this week.

From the day Jay stuck a pitchfork through his toe, the year of Dad's back problems, and the day we brought Beth to college.

I am from photos and videos and boxes collecting dust in their attic. From repeated stories and family lore. From laughs at each others expense and pats on the back. From a proud mum and dad.

I am from there.


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