Tuesday, September 20, 2005

The load on my mind

So with the end of nursing comes the end of those magical 500 calories burned every day just by wiping one of the puppies out. This is driving fear right to my heart. I don't want to get Mom Ass! You know... the ever expanding wide load trailer behind me everywhere I go. Hearing the BEEP BEEP anytime I back up. Being contacted by the post office regarding my own personal zip code.

I don't want a zip code for my ASS, Internet!

So this week I began the game. You know the one. The one where fat free taste JUST AS GOOD as the real thing. The game that makes WATER truly the nectar of the gods (as opposed to my opinion - Dr. Pepper or grape soda.)

I hate drinking water! But I force it down like medicine. I swear to God I do. When I worked in an office it was easier for me to drink it all day. Because I'd be writing on my computer and absentmindedly drinking it. I could easily drink a bottle on the way to and from work as well. But now at home all day. BLECCCCH. I buy the fruit flavored waters but feel that is cheating in a way as they have some sodium and Splenda. Water SUCKS! I admit - when its a hot day or something, sure. An icy water is lovely. But all bloody day long? In an air conditioned house? Bite me! I don't want it! I want Diet Coke and the like! All day long! And chocolates and sour cream and onion potato chips. Ooops. I mean...

So I play the water game. I drink a fruit-flavored water mid-morning. I cannot have a soda with lunch unless I finish that water. I have my beloved soda with lunch. Then I immediately drink a VERY LARGE glass of water. Then at 3pm I have my last soda of the day. Right now I am enjoying a Diet Coke. It's water the rest of the evening.

Another game! I put the Diet Cokes downstairs in the Mantown fridge. This makes they are further away and less of a temptation. I have to WALK (exercise!!) down there to get it and then WALK (again with the exercise!) back upstairs.

I lost about 5 lbs by not buying Oreos anymore. I swear to God. When people ask how I lost more weight, this is what I tell them. They laugh. I'M NOT LYING. Internet, can you say Trans FATS?

So now instead of Oreos we have those Jello fat free pudding cups. And it's not bad I have to say - and it meets my chocolate fix for the moment. I won't lie - there are days when I have had two. See - before I got pregnant, I did WeightWatchers and lost about 30 lbs. I am now the weight I was at when I got pregnant. It's about 5-7lbs (depending on the day) heavier than I was when I was maintaining my WeightWatchers weight. That weight wasn't perfect but it suited me and my body type.

Dan recently lost a bunch of weight. He walk/runs the treadmill just about every night. He does 4-5 miles while playing PlayStation. Go Dan! I'm very proud of him and he's looking goooooood. So knowing he's trying to eat healthier I'm trying to support him and take advantage of it for myself as well.

While weight-wise if I lose that 5-7lbs I'll be happy - it's the body SHAPE that is making me sick. These love handles - screw that - this LOVE TIRE around my waist makes me want to scream. What do I do with it? It sits right above my lower rise jeans and I just can't wear above the belly button jeans yet. Maybe I'm in denial! But I think when you buy them they come with a minivan! Now I like minivans (my next auto will most likely be a minivan) - but I still have a young toddler and I am sort of youngISH myself. I want to wait for the minivan so I know what to do with the soccer net and cleats in the back.

I am getting back to pilates to see if I can straighten this gut out. If I was actually enjoying the beers that it looks like I have that would be one thing. But the boy has been on the outside of me for almost 13 months now. Tired of being jiggly with it!

Mari Winsor can bite me - but I swear the pilates work. At least they did last time. Wish me luck!


  • At 5:06 PM, September 20, 2005, Anonymous Jodes said…

    Oh how I feel your tire, I mean pain. I have this whole plan of exercise when we move but as you know, we are never moving! And truly, how much exercise does one need to puncture the tire? Cause you'll recall I don't own a car so we are talking about walking everywhere, with a 30lb kid in tow, no less, and I still have a spare for that unowned car! So please, if you discover the secret, let me know. If you tell me I have to do Atkins again and eat all those eggs I will cry. Good luck! Love ya!

  • At 10:47 AM, September 21, 2005, Blogger Johnny Mac said…

    i know of a very tasty oreo substitute, sans trans fats. i'll not share for your own good though.

    amy's quite frustrated with the inability of shedding the weight/shape this time around. she's having a very hard time bouncing back from #3.

  • At 10:59 PM, September 22, 2005, Blogger Claire said…

    Re: the soda issue -- I struggled with this also post-nursing. My solution was to teach myself to drink unsweetened iced tea. I used to hate iced tea; for some reason after becoming a mom, now I LOVE it. You can even put a pack of sugar in it and it doesn't have near the calories of a soda. Almost no calories, lots of refreshment (esp in the summer), evidently plenty of them thar ant-ee-ox-ay-dents er somethin, and, the best part, IT WAS NOT PLAIN WATER. And the caffeine, of course, but that's a no-brainer.

    If Liam is willing, I also found great weight-loss success in daily walks. Toss his lard butt in the stroller and burn some calories.

  • At 3:25 PM, September 23, 2005, Anonymous Jenn said…

    Oh baby, I feel you. Without my trusty butt girdle, my rump would take over the eastern seaboard. Know you are in fine company if you ever do officially cross into Mom Assland. I have set up a nice log cabin there, with an extra-wide doorway.


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