Monday, April 25, 2005

Is it me or...?

  • ...have we all seen enough Cialis commericals to launch a thousand ships - if you know what I mean?
  • it absolutely disgusting that Britney Spears is procreating with the Professional Sperm Donor?
  • ...does the Professional Sperm Donor mentioned above need a serious BATH? And what is WITH THE HATS, DUDE? You will NEVER resemble Gene Kelley or Fred Astaire.
  • the Wake Up with the King ad campaign that Burger King has obviously invested millions of dollars in really just skeeving everyone out instead? I've said how I feel here. They also launched this nasty-ass Enormous Omlet Sandwich, a 730 calorie, 47g of fat, 415mg of cholesterol, 1860mg of sodium morning snack that clogs your arteries just by looking at it on t.v. (Look away, look away!) 47 GRAMS of FRIGGIN FAT! Sorry, did you just spit out your cocktail? Please go make another, I'll wait.
  • everyone as obsessed with Burger King as I am? Oh. It is just me? Ok. Uh yeah.
  • warming is really screwing with our seasons? In April it snows one day, then turns 90 degrees the next. Remember the Superman where Lex Luthor wanted to control the weather? Or was that Batman?
  • ...Murphy's Law will dictate just as you get the baby to sleep, a firetruck will roar by/the dogs will bark/the wind will slam his door shut/you will stub your toe on the rocking chair and emit the Silent Scream that only dogs hear - thus causing them to all bark again.
  • ...the length of time for Liam's nap is in direct proportion to the amount of time needed to accomplish a task - minus 15 minutes.


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