Thursday, April 14, 2005

5 Things on My Mind

  1. Sometimes I can't wait to wean Liam so I can drink. Hourly.
  2. Liam's favorite form of communication lately is the raspberry. "Hi Liam!" "ThHBBBPT" "Want some milk?" "ThBPtHHH!" "Do you think Mummy is crazy?" "Most definitely, mi'lady."
  3. Can someone please explain to me WHY Quaker is now also using a SCARY FREAKY PLASTIC Quaker guy in their ads to hock granola bars? "Here kiddies, take a granola bar from this FREAK OF NATURE." At least he doesn't have man-hands like the Burger King psycho.
  4. Lately while I'm nursing Liam, he holds one arm straight up in the air with his index finger extended. Finally, my own cheering section. Thinking about making him one of those foam hands to wave after we are done.
  5. One of my two pugs, Daisy, has been watching too much of The Contender because she's starting to get aggressive with her sister, Lily. Not over food or toys. Over attention. If Dan or I or anyone gives Lily some attention, Daisy wants to beat the shit out of Lily and starts snapping and growling and fighting with her! Ugh. Sibling rivalry. Now we have to have some dude come and tell us what bad dog parents we are. The whole thing makes me sad. I just don't want it to escalate any more and have to get rid of her. She was our first baby!


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