Wednesday, April 06, 2005

7 Months

On Friday Liam turned 7 months old. I'm freaking out. I mean 7 months old is on the OTHER SIDE of the first year of life. Between 0-6 months you think "newborn" but after 6 months... HELLO INFANT! Soon to be TODDLER and then... umm..erhm... next is KID. Yeah KID.

Anyway, I'm watching Liam transform into HIS OWN PERSON right before my eyes. How did this happen. He was my baby. Practically attached to me for 6 months. Now, suddenly, he is a BOY. He likes things he likes, let's me know what he doesn't and I HAVE NO IDEA which will be which!

You know what this means?


I'm so not ready for this. I can see him thinking all the time. He looks at the dogs - thinking. He looks at Eeyore while he sings - thinking. He looks at the babies in playgroup - thinking. He looks at me - you guessed it - THINKING.

But then he smiles. All on his own - without me making an ass out of myself. And this smile that he smiles... it's like blast of sunshine in my face. I dare anyone to receive a smile from Liam and not smile themselves. It can't be done. Scientists have studied it. You can't deny his smile from spreading from him to you.

This month he has gotten stronger. When on his tummy, he can prop himself up on his hands so far I can see his belly button. He can roll from tummy to back but never does. I've only seen it once. He can pull himself forward when holding stationary objects.

Liam wants to eat the dogs' paws. They are not fond of this new form of affection.

We started two new activities this month. A new Gymboree class and a playgroup. The timing of the GymCrawlers class is a major problem as it falls during naptime/lunch time. We love our friends in the class but we may need to switch. The playgroup - we aren't sure about. We will definitely try it a couple more times.

Liam successfully got a puffed veggie snack into his mouth today. You would have thought I was watching a tape of the 2004 World Series, Game 4. Liam thought my reaction was hysterical. What is hysterical is that, after I put a bunch on his high chair tray, every time I walk by him in the chair - he opens his mouth at me - like "PLEASE woman. I cannot get my mighty paws around these tiny treats. Please help me. I am half-starved for a tiny puffed treat."

Liam loves his daddy. When Dan comes through the door at the end of the day, Liam becomes an octupus with his arms and legs all going at once. Big smiles and small noises. I can't make Liam giggle like Daddy can. The other night Dan was tugging on one of Liam's toys and Liam thought it was THE FUNNIEST THING EVER. We are talking belly laughs! Of course, as always the video camera wasn't charged.

Liam, Thank you so much for being such a good boy even though your gums must be throbbing like crazy. You only get really cranky every now and then, and of course, when I take too long at the mall. You also find youself very amusing which amuses ME. I catch you laughing at yourself all the time. Real laughs and then this fake laugh that is a RIOT.

You already hate clothes shopping which does not bode well for me. It's as if we walk into a store and you take one look and say "NO, I REFUSE!" The best is now when we go between racks you reach for clothes. That's FUN.

One of my favorite parts of my day with you is getting you from your nap. How are still warm and soft from sleep. You smile so sweetly at me. Soooo happy to see me arrive. And I pick you up and press my nose into your neck to give you kisses. And I just BREATHE you in. And I feel your hands on my arms. And in my head, I thank everyone I ever and never met for you.


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