Monday, March 28, 2005

Still blue

Yes, my laptop still has a blue screen and, much to my chagrin, when I came down to Mantown to log in on the desktop, I noticed my laptop sitting here. Not with Dan at his office where he could fix it in between altering the world's spin on it's axis. [insert heartfelt deep sigh here.]

Liam is down for a nap. He has been toying with me with the schedule as of late. Fri-Sun he did only 2 naps. Today 3. I think it's mostly because he has been waking up earlier. Today we woke up at 6. Yesterday it was 5:50. Ick. Too early. Sure he had 11 hours already, but can't he just squeeze out that extra one for Mum?

He is starting to take to solids like a champ. Favorites? Sweet potatoes and peas with carrots running a distant 3rd. It is fun to watch him open his mouth like a bird waiting for me to drop in some- mmmm pureed peas. And is it me or do they smell almost the same in the diaper? But I digress...

Speaking of digress...I'm glad I have two dogs because it is raining so bad outside Dan may be coming home in an arc. Wait a sec, I think for the two animals thing you need one of each gender so they can procreate. Oh well.


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