Monday, May 09, 2005

Music Appreciation 101

Every parent has fears. Crazy neuroses regarding how they are raising their child and what sort of person they are helping them to become.

I wonder if Liam will appreciate the wonder of The Beatles and the divinity of Donna Summer.

I like music. A lot. I grew up in a house that was constantly filled with music. My parents, especially my dad, always had the radio on while doing odd jobs around the house. Which meant pretty much every weekend of my childhood, my house hummed with the sounds of The Beatles, Joe Cocker, CCR, or The Rolling Stones. Other times it was more R&B with Gladys Knight and the Pips, The Four Tops and Ray Charles. Hearing this music reminds me of my childhood. A full sensory experience, where I can almost feel the front steps beneath my feet or the kitchen table underneath my fingertips.

I was lucky to have older brothers and a sister who also loved music. Jackson Brown, Bob Seger, and Springsteen. Aerosmith, AC/DC and Led Zeppelin. My brother, Gerry, probably had the most musical influence on me next to my father. His bedroom in the basement was like a dark oasis where he let me use his expensive stereo equipment and spin his records. I can remember when we would sing into the bedposts and hairbrushes. From him I gained love for rock, heavy metal, hair bands and new country. Yes, I'm pretty well rounded.

But Liam doesn't have the benefit of older siblings to share classic music with him. I know he'll find out about pop on his own and through tv and the radio. But I'm concerned about his historical reference. How will he know about this great music?

So I've decided that travel time in the car and/or lunch time would be Music Appreciation 101. Sometimes I pick out cds or playlists on my iPod. Othertimes I hope for something good on the radio. Today he heard The Beatles' Golden Slumber for the first time. At lunch last Friday we played my iPod Funkytown playlist which includes Donna Summer, ABBA, and CeCe Peniston. I'm pretty sure it was my dancing that was making him laugh.

So I'm not sure he is really getting anything out of it now, and I know at some point he'll say he doesn't want to listen to Mum's old music. But for now it puts a little more love in my heart when I see his head whip around when he hears the Buick commercials featuring Areosmith.

Dream on, dream on, dream until your dream comes true...


  • At 8:18 PM, May 09, 2005, Blogger Jeffadizzle said…

    That is a Fraking Awesome idea! Can I submit a Liam-Mix to help further enhance the process? (just don't tell his dad, haha)

  • At 8:27 PM, May 09, 2005, Blogger Susie said…

    You just did, his dad reads my blog. Hahaha. Yes submit your curriculum!

  • At 8:39 PM, May 09, 2005, Blogger WILLIAM said…

    We play music for Max all of the time. Everything from classical to Tori Amos and Ben Folds to silly songs. He loves Music. Music is good for a kid to listen to on a regular basis.

  • At 9:01 PM, May 09, 2005, Blogger No_Newz said…

    Don't think he isn't getting anything out of it. I did the same and both of my kids could sing several entire songs by the age of two. And there is nothing suter than seeing a 2-year-old little girl singing "We Are Familiy" into her Little Tikes vacuum. LOL
    Lois Lane

  • At 9:29 AM, May 10, 2005, Blogger CheekyMoo said…

    There will be a point when he says no more of Mom's music, but then he'll grow up a little more and think of it fondly. I love music much like you, and always have it on here. I bet right after he learns to walk he'll be bopping along to the music around your house. Now that is simply adorable when they do that.

  • At 1:25 PM, May 10, 2005, Blogger Carrie said…

    some of Rhena's favorites (or at least I'd like to think so??)

    Frank Sinatra, Johnny Cash, definitely Aerosmith and Led Zepplin, MUST add James Brown and Otis Redding.

    Abba and the Bee Gees are kinda soft, but speak volumes to the era in which mum grew up.

    MUST pay homage to his roots and give generous exposure to U2!!!

    A little LL Cool J never hurt anyone, and Bob Marley is a necessity for summer.

    Throw in some classic Stevie Wonder, and mix in the Mamas and Papas for good measure. Let rise with some Janis Joplin.

    Chill for three hours to the tunes of Miles Davis and Louis Armstrong, and sprinkle in some Depeche Mode to taste.

    honestly... there is so much good music out there that you could play a new song a day to Liam and not repeat one for well over a year.

    down with sesame street tunes.... I've got me a ticket on the Magical Mystery Tour!

  • At 2:11 PM, May 10, 2005, Blogger carlotta fun said…

    Much like you, I got my music taste from my father. I love Motown and classic rock. The Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Zepplin and Aerosmith. I love blues and Pink Floyd. I was listening to Black Sabbath when I was nine and loved the Jackson Five before Thriller was released. Otis Redding speaks to me on a spiritual level. I owe much of this to my father. I even took him to see the Stones when I was 21 (he was 47). Through the years it has always been something we have in common, even during the times when we didn't speak the same language. It is a connection with him that I am thankful to have. I hope to pass it on to my kids one day. Kudos for wanting to raise a child that will know real music instead of just Brittany Spears and Nelly.

  • At 2:55 PM, May 10, 2005, Anonymous Kelli said…

    It just goes to show what a great mom you are....wanting to make sure your son experiences and appreciates the better things in life!

  • At 9:59 PM, May 10, 2005, Blogger Maria said…

    OH THANK GOD!!! I just KNEW I was the only person left under the age of 50 who loves ABBA.

    I've got Anna hooked on Neil Diamond. She knew Song Sung Blue before she was 3 years old.


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