Sunday, February 19, 2006

New week, new attitude, new water heater?

So as we start a new week here at Raising Liam I realize that the CEO needs to shake out the drearies and snap a bit more to it. It's time to breathe in and out and laugh again.

I know not everyone can do that but I know a certain someone who reads my blog needs more laughs and so I must oblige her. After all, what are friends for? If not to mock themselves to make you feel better.

Is anyone else BORED TO TEARS by the Olympics this year? For the love of drug-testing and clubbing ice skaters, could we get a little more EXCITEMENT? Perhaps if they let us see a few more non-American dominated events so we could see and example of country vs country adrenalin rush? The cooler moments are the high drama Davis who was all bitch-faced when he won his gold metal for speed skating. And that dipshit Jacobellis who did some showboating BEFORE she crossed the finish line, fell and lost her gold. Oh and right now I'm watching and it's snowing like a BASTID and that is pretty sweet - after all it's the Winter Olympics.

In other news today I woke up and the heat was out - again - had to "reboot" the furnace. Then when Dan went down to "reboot" it a second time he noticed that Holy Shitbaggers! Our water heater is leaking. That's right. Leeeeeeaking. Super! So the house is now getting toasty warm but we have no hot water. Friggin fantastic. And yes, check your calendars because it's a Sunday on a holiday weekend. Lovely. I'm sure we'll have NO PROBLEM getting some guy over here... we don't even have a regular guy because we have been fortunate enough to never NEED a GUY to begin with. But of course the house hears all this talk of SELLING and REAL ESTATE and kaBLAM - the water heater is spontaneously creating a fountain in my basement. We were supposed to spend the day at my parents... they were making a big dinner and all. So Liam and I left Dan at home to deal with the heater.

Oh and instead of my leisurely two-parents-preparing-child-stuffs-to-leave-the-house-for-the-day routine... I was switched into the higher gear of oh-shit-I-planned-to-leave-in-45-minutes-and-I'm-still-in-my-pajamas. So I changed, broke into a sweat dressing the boy, packing his 2 bags, chopping some food and jamming it all in the car (along with the possessed pack n' play). No no no don't switch to a visual of poor Dan in the basement breaking his back draining out the heater... back to me... sweaty and irritated! There you go...ok...

We were on the road, with a stop for my Venti 2% Mocha (don't I sound like SUCH a bitch?) in no time. And we played nice at Nana & Papa's. And no one even noticed I hadn't bathed and forgot to comb my hair.

Also...strange new things afoot here at Raising Liam... stay tuned the next couple weeks. (No I am not pregnant!)

And the guy couldn't come until tomorrow - OF COURSE.


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