Thursday, February 16, 2006

Relying on Faith

Today I went to the graveside service for Karen and Derek's son. There were just a handful of people invited to attend and the love and support was palpable. The faces genuine in grief, support and faith.

It was sad yet utterly peaceful. Though we had blizzard conditions just 5 days ago, today was like spring... sixty degrees, crisp and clear. As if the heavens were opening doors... waiting for his arrival and the warmth unfurled like a red carpet.

Today was the day to say goodbye. To thank him for the joy he brought to many hearts in his short existance. To show tenderness and care as his body was returned to the earth. To pray and express hope that he may find greater love now in the arms of heaven. To show faith that his family may grow stronger just because he was once with them.. and now always will be.

In memory of Brian Christopher.


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