Friday, February 10, 2006

And That's How We Spent Our Week

Liam alternates breakfasts. One morning is oatmeal with some fruit, next is yogurt with a couple mini pancakes and fruit. Every morning he gets a handful of dry Cheerios to munch on while waiting for me to prepare his main course, between bites of other stuff, whatever.

A while back, maybe a couple of months ago, he initiated putting a Cheerio on the loaded spoon (either on top of oatmeal or yogurt). I always found this very cute and amusing. Not that long ago he upgraded to dropping a handful into the bowl of oatmeal or yogurt. Like this:

I think he likes his breakfast crunchy.

As you may have noticed from the menu, we had some people over for the Super Bowl. This was Liam's 2nd Super Bowl. The first one in which the Patriots were not involved. Boo. Hiss. The first superbowl he celebrated like this:

This Super Bowl he was running around Mantown like he OWNED the joint. Looking all like this:

And this:

Also this week Liam joined the drumline. He wailed.

Mikayla came to play Thursday. They conned Mummy into pulling them around the house. They like the Red Wagon... that's how these kizzies roll.

Today we had Gymboree and Liam SCORED his first Valentine! A girl named Lindsey gave him a Valentine for a free cone at Friendly's. He also ran like he had nothing to lose. All class. Or at least for 30 minutes then he said "buh-bye" hand motion and all and headed for the door. Gymboree is 45 minutes long. He hates the last 5-10 minutes because of the parachute. Is it the sound? No idea - but he's not a fan. Like at ALL. So when the braver kids run underneath... we sit together (along with a couple other moms and kids) and watch the 'chute go up and down above us. I kinda dig it.

Afterwards we went and got our valentines, some things for the Valentine playdate we are hosting next Tuesday, and a new pair of kicks for the boy (no they were not that expensive - they were $17 at Kohl's! Way cheaper than Stride Rite sneaks, too.) All he needs now is a board.

Happy weekend to you... I'll be around. Just do me a favor and keep praying.

Oh and this is the photo we sent in to the contest. They announce the ten finalist on Live with Regis and Kelly on February 20th. If he doesn't make the cut then obviously they are all morons at that place. HA!


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