Thursday, February 09, 2006

Please Pray and Be Humble Today

Updated: See end of post.

I have a friend. A very very good friend. Who has been trying to have a baby for a long time. Since I started trying to conceive Liam over two years ago. She is on her third pregnancy... the others didn't survive.

This week she is about 22 weeks along. The longest she has ever carried a child. She started having contractions this week. You can imagine the escalation of fear given the other experiences she has had.

She was monitored and sent home to rest.

She ended up back yesterday and is now in the hospital with an infection. I don't have all the details. Only the devastating news that for her health and safety they have to induce her.

There is little hope the baby will survive.

I can barely type this as I am crying and just at a loss as to why these things happen to people and to babies. What God does this? I just cannot even wrap my brain around it, it just isn't fair.


So all I ask of you, internet, is to pray for strength for my friend and her husband. Karen and Derek. I love you guys and will be thinking of you and praying for you and wishing I had answers.

Updated: I spoke with Karen earlier today. She was induced this morning because of the infection which would threaten her own life. She said her baby boy was perfect and he was alive for a couple hours. She and her husband are doing the best that they can and have a long road ahead. Please, if you can, continue to pray strength for them. They deserve so much better.


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